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Rachna's Jewellery and Fashionware

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About Us

Rachna ( means Creation)

Historical Perspective

Rachnas Jewellery and Fashionware originated from the Islands of Fiji and was founded by the late Mr Nanji Kanji in the 1920s.  Mr Nanji had a vision of becoming a Goldsmith and to that capacity began a business venture hand crafting 22ct Gold Jewellery. The family business was then passed down to the next generation to the late Mr Samji Nanji. In 1987 the family migrated to Wellington and brought along the Gold business and was later accompanied with Indian fashion.

Current Perspective

Today the prospering business lies in the hands of Jayesh and Usha Nanji, the son and daughter in-law of the late Mr Samji Nanji.

Over the past 25 years the business has grown into multiple facets. Rachnas takes pride in catering to different clientele and offers exclusive Gold Jewellery and high class fashion clothing and accessories, updating customers with the latest trends.   

The year 2013 marked Rachna's 25th year of establishment in Wellington. There were plans to expand Rachnas into Auckland and so in September 2014, Rachnas had set up a similar size showroom in the suburb of Mt. Roskill in Auckland. The location of this new branch is conveniently located at the Lotus Supermarket complex at 64 Stoddard Rd, Mt Roskill.

Our Promise

“We will offer the finest quality of Gold Jewellery and Fashionware as well as provide you service with full dedication”

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Mon-Fri 10am to 5.30pm
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