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Rachna's Jewellery and Fashionware

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Our Services  

1) Gold Jewellery Valuation

We can provide you with a valuation report for the Gold Jewellery under your possession. For this you will have to contact Jayesh Nanji and make an appointment to come and see him with your Gold Jewellery. The report will be kept in our computers, and can be retrieved in case your copy gets misplaced. The charge for this service is reasonable depending on the number of items you would like the valuation for.

2) After loss assessments for Insurance claims

The valuation report we provide can be used for your Insurance requirements in the event of a loss of a particular item in future. We also provide this service for people who do not have Jewellery Valuations and accordingly we can provide estimates for replacing the items claimed for in the insurance. We work with clients and Insurance Companies to replace or repair lost, stolen or damaged Jewellery.

3) Trade-In 22ct Gold Jewellery

If you want to trade-in your 22ct Gold Jewellery , we are in this service as well. We will value your Gold Jewellery and apply the value of these against the price of the items you are purchasing.

4) Buying 22ct Gold Jewellery from you

If you wish to sell your 22ct Gold Jewellery , we can again assess it's cash value, and if acceptable to you, we will give you a payment in cash. To do so, a shop has to hold a Secondhand dealers License - which we have - and therefore we have the legal right to do so. Please note that currently we only buy 22ct Gold Jewellery.

5) Repairs and Cleaning of all types of Gold Jewellery

If you have any Jewellery that requires fixing we can do this for you. Some work is carried out at the site but we also have a network of skilled Jewellers, who would repair even the difficult jewellery. We could provide you with a quote before carrying out this service.

Jewellery cleaning is carried out at our site at a very reasonable charge. For regular clients, this service is absolutely free.

6) Ordering a Special Item

As very little Jewellery manufacturing is done locally and so depending on the item we can advise whether we would manufacture this particular item locally or order one from our overseas suppliers (as most of our Jewellery is imported).

In Clothing most of our items are one-offs and therefore it can be difficult to order exactly the same item. Also, fashion changes all the time and so it is only appropriate that when we order a similar item we get supplied with the item which is latest in Fashion.

7) Arranging a tailor for your tailoring needs

Sometimes a clothing item requires alterations. We also work closely with various local tailors and we can arrange for a clothing item to be altered to meet your needs. Particularly, people buying Sarees where the blouse piece that is supplied requires stiching. We can work out a package where the pricing includes Saree-Blouse stitching.

8) Mehndi (Henna) and Bridal decorations

Mehndi (Henna) and Bridal decorations are another service we can provide. For this please contact Usha Nanji who is a very skilled in this field. Brides-to-be who tend to require these services a few days prior to their big event and so Usha will travel to their houses to provide these services. Prices for these depends on the customer requirements.

Henna Decorations  Bridal Decorations  Henna Decorations


Usha Nanji at work on Henna art

9) Glitzy Nails

A therapy to hands, nails and feet.

Nail service now available at the site on the first floor. Nail technicial Usha has expanded her repertoire to offer this service at the shop premises. Contact Usha for all details.

Glitzy Nails  Glitzy Nails  Glitzy Nails

Click here to view the Glitzy Nails brochure

10) Ganesh Sculptures

Beautiful Ganesh sculptures made out of Marzipan Icing. Marzipan Icing is moulded into a ball and with artistic hand skills it is beautifully crafted into Ganesh Sculptures. There is an addition of food colours for the colour effect. A clear vanish is then sprayed for the gloss effect. Enhancements and finishing is achieved with addition of Costume Jewellery pieces onto the sculptures. The finished Ganesh scultures always amuse the eyes of the people. More so, every Ganesh sculpture has its own unique beauty.

This sculptural art is done by Usha at her leisure hours. The sculptures are ideal for gifts, home decor, etc. Contact Usha for more details.

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